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Most Frequently Asked Questions About
APP Brand It's

What exactly is it?
It has udders, but it also has horns....What's the deal?

 It's a Cow.
Some cows have horns: the Danish Red, the White Park and
the famous Texas Longhorn, for example.

Please tell me the rumors are false...you guys didn't actually name it, did you?

Why yes, we did.
Her name is Brandi  ...  Get it?

She's a Cow ~ Cows get branded ~ We help you brand your image.

She doesn't look very bright.
Is she truly a contributing member of your Team?

Don't be fooled by her expression...she was just a little shocked with the
"Your Logo Here" implication that we can even put Logos on cows.
She is really quite sharp (for a cow) and we like having her around.

What is Brandi's Birthday?
May 3rd ~ She's a Taurus.

I am a vegetarian and avid animal rights activist.
Did you really
brand Brandi?

Absolutely no animals (real or cartoon)
were harmed during the creation of this campaign.
The "Your Logo Here" imprint on Brandi's right haunch is a temporary tattoo.